“Dance or Go to the Ropes!”

Red Boxing gloves and tango shoes

I had my second boxing session two weeks ago. Without exaggerating, it was the most intense workout of my life. At the end of the day, I was not able to write my name with a pen, nor actually even lift a pen… That might give you an idea.

I had told my trainer that my goal is to win a boxing fight and so we went to work right away. Left hand jabs, footwork, training for upper body strength and condition until I could hardly breathe. What a humbling experience – I couldn’t take my gloves off and so I couldn’t hold my water-bottle. He poured the water right into my mouth like in the Chinese water torture. I was just grateful for the water and didn’t care about looking good at this point.

At the end of the session he said to me,”most of the training goes out the window once you get punched in the head. We train so that you automatically revert to form in the moment of the punch. There is one of two things you better do when you get punched: dance or go to the ropes!”

Gloves and tango shoes closeup

What a great metaphor for how we relate to life. I might come with the best intentions, but in the moment of challenge, when my buttons get pushed, I am likely to lose my “training” and find myself reacting, instead of responding how I would like to – as an adult, clear, standing tall with firm back and soft front.

Currently I am preparing for my next session on Friday. I keep you posted…

Boxing gloves closeup

These are my tango shoes and my boxing gloves.


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