Cooking, Dancing, Boxing – The Outfits

Let’s talk about outfits for a moment. Since I started boxing I hear the same question over and over. “What about your outfit in boxing? What are you wearing?”

This important question needs to be addressed and since I box, cook and dance, you will read about all three.


The first thing I do when I come into the kitchen to prepare food is to put on an apron. It needs to be fresh and clean. Then I feel prepared to handle the food with respect and attention – and to basically handle anything else that comes my way! (Even though it reminds me a little bit of my grandmother from Germany who used to wear her apron all day around the house, calling it her “kitchen skirt”…)

There is an eclectic selection of aprons in the kitchen cabinet: a pink Russian apron that resembles a cloth handkerchief on strings, a star wars apron, an apron with a running moose and an apron with mice making a birthday cake. I prefer the classic model, simple, one color, and big enough to do its job of protecting me from oncoming splashes of all kinds.



It is so much about the shoes! Before I started dancing tango I never wore a pair of shoes with heels higher than 1/2 inch. After I tried on my first pair of good tango shoes I was lost forever to the average height of a 3.75 inch high heel. If I my life wasn’t demanding other things, I would be seen in these super high heels most of the time. But, heels on dirt roads or in the kitchen can be a bit dangerous…

Here is my favorite pair of tango shoes. They are made from purple fur. Yes, you read correctly. And the fact that the shoes are loosing their fur is not because of seasonal change, (like cats and dogs losing their winter fur). It is because of extreme use during tango dances, called “Milongas”.

Tango shoes 1

tango shoes 3Boxing

These are my new gloves and hand wraps. I am staying away from wearing super short tank tops at this point as they only work if your abbs are hard as steel…


I am also not wearing shiny boxer shorts or extra boxing shoes. It is all very basic and all I care about is making it through my training tomorrow morning. No perfect shoe will help me with that!


2 thoughts on “Cooking, Dancing, Boxing – The Outfits

  1. ¡Congratulations! for dancing, for boxing, for cooking… and for writting! I like the apron’s picture because it seems really used and because have the sky like frame, it’s a old used happy apron!

  2. ¡Congratulations! for dancing, for boxing, for cooking… and for writting! I like the apron’s picture because it seems really used and because it have the sky like frame, it’s an old used happy apron!

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