It is called “Road Kill” for a reason

During my last boxing session I boxed three rounds of two minutes each on the double end bag. It sounds like nothing, but two minutes can be a very long time… At the end I was so exhausted  my punches looked like I was drunk. I was simply trying to not quit before the time was over. At the end of the session my trainer commented: “Your hands and arms look better, but you have to work on your cardio…”

The next day I started running by an impulse that didn’t coming from my head, telling me I had to do this as a way to improve my endurance. It came straight from the body.  I said to my friends, “it is called ‘road kill’ for a reason!”, told them to pray for me and hit the dirt road.

It took only a few minutes until I noticed that my mind was producing thoughts like, “Oh my God, am I going to make it this long?” Fear immediately followed, hand in hand with tension. If I didn’t pay attention my stomach contracted. Not listening to my mind, I kept running and relaxing with every step, just like in boxing. When I have been able to bring my attention back to the very next step and relax into it hidden pockets of energy opened up.

I was running quiet nicely, even beginning to enjoy it and suddenly turned around the corner from where I could the see house. I was on the home stretch now and – isn’t it interesting? – immediately I could hardly breathe. So close to the end I allowed thoughts and emotions to come in again and take control. Staying vigilant to the end. There is no moment in time when I can lean back, just because I think I am on the home run and I have it made. Lack of attention and vigilance create road kill, not cars!

exhausted athletes


5 thoughts on “It is called “Road Kill” for a reason

  1. A nice little bit of inspiration. I think my health is getting close to the point where I’m ready to start adding some cardio again. Such a head trip. Thanks for the post.

    • Hi, thanks for the comment. I notice the running makes a huge difference for boxing. I read you are doing tai chi. I am practicing tai chi as well. Would like to know more about how tai and boxing come together.

      • To be honest, when I’m not doing boxing, I find tai chi to be really boring. When I’m boxing I like tai chi because it gives me the opportunity to slowly focus on relaxing what needs to be relaxed, connecting my feet to the ground, etc, while relating it back to boxing. It’s a nice back and forth.

  2. Am loving your inspiring posts. Gillen and I just watched the first taste video and it brought back good memories.

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