Food-Roaming in Four Countries

Maybe you were wondering what happened to the tango-dancing boxer cooking delicious meals ? No word to be found from me for weeks. Well, I have been traveling, and since I love food, I have been roaming the countries I was visiting for delicious tastes.

Here is my short report for you. My German food highlight was a “Kalbsschnitzel”, fried veal with potatoes, eaten in a small outside restaurant in Frankfurt. Very delicious. Also I cannot leave out the great amounts of salami and cheeses that were consumed by me during my 10-day stay in good old Germany. And I haven’t even began to speak about the German bread and the cheesecake….

My second food highlight was of Swiss nature – an 8 ounce bar of Lindt milk chocolate with a contents of 45% whole hazelnuts, in the Zurich airport in Switzerland.

Swiss Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts l

As this chocolate is my favorite I had to buy it and managed to eat the entire 8 ounces all by my self on the flight from Zurich to Toronto. Even the fact that the woman in the seat to my right had sunken onto my tray in front of my chest for a deep and restful sleep did not disrupt my enjoyment. Since a good rest is important I let her sleep and continued with the chocolate bar.

The only memory I have of the Toronto airport where I landed after the transatlantic flight, were the computer screens I was starring at for a long time in order to find my name so I could make it through immigration. Otherwise, absolutely nothing. No memory. Maybe I found myself in a time warp outside of time and space. Or maybe, I had fallen into a chocolate induced food coma and therefore no memory, very possible. So I do not have a single Canadian food experience for you. Sorry.

Further-on I went to Boulder. And here, friends of mine had prepared a simple, wholesome, dinner. The legendary quinoa salad with lots of garlic, cilantro and cherry tomatoes that got talked about a lot afterwards. Also brown rice was served, with gomasio, roasted sunflower seeds, and green salad. Nothing else was needed. How wonderful to eat food that got prepared with care and attention. I felt completely fed by it and was grateful for the simplicity of it, especially after traveling for a long time. Tasting food in different places and restaurants is great, but at some point I usually start to long for clean and simple food, eaten in the sanctuary of good company.


Gluten-free Crustinis with Goat Cheese, Olives and Peppers

olives and crustinins

This is the most simple, healthy and delicious little Hors d’Hoeuvre you can literally put together in ten minutes. I just made these last week, and after everybody left, I ate the entire rest of them myself…


Udi’s gluten-free bread
Olive oil
Goat cheese
Kalamata olives
Red peppers
Fresh basil leaves
Golden cherry tomatoes (cut some in half, leave some whole)
Fig & apricot jam

Wash the basil leaves and dry. Wash the red peppers, cut them in half, take the seeds out and cut in thin stripes. Drain the Kalamata olives. Wash the golden cherry tomatoes.

Toast the bread slices in the toaster. Brush with olive oil.

Cut them in quarters and spread the goat cheese on the crustinis. Then decorate them as you like with an olive, a dollop of the fig jam, a stripe of red pepper, or halve of a golden tomato.

crustini tray square

If you like, serve on a separate tray olives, tomatoes, basil leaves and fig jam. This way people can add to what they took and it looks nice.

olive tray