First Taste

What a magnificent moment, the first time of tasting different foods. Most of us probably don’t remember as it happened at such an early age. What an important time in our lives as small children when we get to know food, optimally in an environment that supports healthy meals, maybe preparing them with family and eating together. In giving space to children for experimenting and trying out new flavors and dishes, we can support them in finding a healthy relationship with food. The daughter of a friend of mine is two right now and her great passion is butter – without the bread. Wonderful to see her tasting it! With gentle guidance from the adult  and with lots of space a child will find their way around food. And that impacts not only our relationship with food, but with everything in life.

While I was thinking about that for myself I mostly remembered foods from my childhood that I did not like at all. On the top of the list vegetable soup, cooked carrots and mashed potatoes, which had me sit at our kitchen table for hours after everyone else had left. There was a strawberry yoghurt waiting for me for when I would have eaten the soup. I have always been strong willed and so I would sit at that table for very long times…. I still don’t like mashed potatoes or cooked carrots, but I do love all kinds of food – and how much less colorful, rich and breathtakingly delicious the world would be without it!

I like this video because it captures the very moment of “The First Taste.”


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